Meal Options

OPTION D: Join our other guests in the main dining hall for cafeteria-style meals with a fresh salad bar, entree and desert.
Sample menu: scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, chicken burgers and fries for lunch, and pasta with meat or tomato sauce for dinner.

OPTION C: Enjoy the same menu as the main dining hall in the intimate atmosphere of the Studio.

OPTION B: Customize the menu to suit your needs with more adult-friendly and diverse options.
Sample menu: make-your-own sandwich with homemade soup for lunch, chicken with mashed potatoes and salad for dinner.

OPTION A: Enjoy our chef’s high-end selection of beautifully presented and delicious meals. You will have two entrees to choose from at dinner and a buffet of options for breakfast and lunch.
Sample dinner menu: barbecued steak and maple-infused salmon, with roast vegetables, rosemary potatoes and red velvet cheesecake.

OPTION A+: Same as Option A with that “extra touch”. Sample our chef’s amazing signature recipes – they have to be experienced to be believed.

Group leaders, please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions you would like us to accommodate before you arrive.

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